Taylor Swift Wipes Social Media Accounts & Official Website Goes Dark

Fans think something is up.

Taylor Swift has reliably put out a new album around every two years since her self-titled 2006 debut. It has now been two years and nearly ten months since October 2014's 1989, so Swifties are understandably anxious.

That might explain why they took notice on Friday morning (Aug. 18) when Swift deleted her Twitter avatar pic and header, then doing the same thing on her Facebook page as well and her Tumblr, where all her posts were deleted.

Her Instagram feed -- which has more than 100 million followers -- has also been wiped clean, and her official website is a blank (okay, black) slate as well. It's worth noting that three years ago today Swift released "Shake it Off" and announced her fifth album.

Fans, as you might imagine, are freaking out. A spokesperson for the singer, however, could not be reached for comment at press time.