Cher's New Song 'Ooga Boo' Is a Trip: Watch the Psychedelic Video

Courtesy Photo
Cher, 'Ooga Booga'

Cher is making her comeback -- but not in the way you might expect. The 71-year-old diva just dropped a trippy, magical new song called "Ooga Boo," a contribution to the soundtrack for animated children’s television show Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.

The release comes with a psychedelic animated video, where a glamorous alien creature named "Chercophonie" (wink wink) floats through outer space with Tip and Oh, the main characters of the new Netflix spin-off based on the Dreamworks film Home.

But the song's not just for kids -- really. Listen through, and you'll find an electro-pop bop with a worthy message of empowerment and self-love. "You go be you / Find your ooga boo," the singer belts.

It's turning out to be quite the year for Cher, who was honored with the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards in May. The next month, the singer announced that a musical based on her life will hit Broadway in 2018.

Check out the weird and wonderful video for "Ooga Boo" below. Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh is streaming now on Netflix.