Kesha Tearfully Explains How 'Rainbow' Saved Her Life on 'GMA': Watch

As Kesha prepares for her super-personal new album, Rainbow, to be released on Aug. 11, the "Praying" singer stopped by Good Morning America Wednesday morning (Aug. 9) to talk about her revealing new single and the record's impact on her life.

"I've written every song on this album and they're all so personal," Kesha told Robin Roberts. "This record, quite literally, saved my life. I hope you guys like it and I hope you can hear it, and I hope it helps people."

Prior to diving into Rainbow as a whole, Kesha touched on the album's emotional lead single -- which she later performed on the show -- choking back tears as she discussed how important it is to her. "It talks about me personally going through something very hard, lots of very hard things," she said, "making it through, not giving up, and finding empathy on the other side -- which is incredibly hard sometimes."

WATCH: @KeshaRose performs 'Praying' LIVE on @GMA. https://t.co/jGJ0mfxdGD pic.twitter.com/lY90CtFBbi

— Good Morning America (@GMA) August 9, 2017

Despite the heartstring-tugging content some of the Rainbow songs offer, the overall meaning of the album's title relates to the hopeful symbolism Kesha sees in rainbows. In fact, she admitted that she now has about 10 rainbow-related tattoos and her house is filled with them.

"I've always found the hope in the bright colors," she explained. "I wanted to bring that more into my everyday life."

And in addition to the positive title, Kesha's new album also presents a family affair of sorts, with her mom being helping out on some tracks and her brother serving as a videographer at GMA. The family member Kesha is perhaps most excited about featuring on the album, though? Dolly Parton.

"I consider her family now," Kesha gushed. "That was like, the craziest thing in the world to me that she actually said yes to collaborating with me, I'm still not over it, so I'm just going to tell everybody about it forever."

Watch Kesha's full GMA interview below.