Gallant Narrates a Brief History of '90s R&B

"I hope I told their stories with some semblance of justice," the singer says about Brandy, Tevin Campbell and Toni Braxton.

Singer Gallant has been making waves with his debut album, 2016's Oolgy. In the latest episode of Billboard's series "A Brief History Of," Gallant breaks down three key artists that helped define '90s R&B.

First up is Brandy, who Gallant describes as "a favorite artist of mine." From having hit albums to her own TV show to starring in an adaptation of Cinderella, Gallant points out that Brandy was "the pop princess of that alternate demographic that didn't really get a chance to see themselves and people who were on top of the world."

Next is Tevin Campbell, who made the leap into animation by giving a voice to fictional group Powerline in Disney's A Goofy Movie. "The way Tevin Campbell approaches those songs ["Stand Out" and "Eye to Eye"], knowing it's for a Disney movie, is so congruent with everything that he's done as an artist, in terms of vocals and delivery.

And finally is Toni Braxton. While Gallant might have been too young to experience Toni Braxton at her peak in the '90s, that didn't stop the "Talking to Myself" singer from being inspired. "[Toni Braxton] reminds you of a very specific period that you want to go back to, even if you didn't get to witness it firsthand."

Watch the full history breakdown in the video above.