Iris Lune Soars on Latest Single 'Sewing Skylines to Shores': Listen

Iris Lune
Dani Gros

Iris Lune 

Iris Lune is a Brooklyn-based quartet whose music revolves around creating evocative imagery through elaborate and affecting soundscapes. On the “Sewing Skylines to Shores,” the first single off their forthcoming second EP, the band takes the listener on an otherwordly experience with their unique brand of experimental pop.

“In the song, which was inspired by the story of Virginia Woolf’s suicide, the person finds his or her way to clarity and peace through parting from this world -- but there are many ways to find that freedom,” lead singer Ella Joy says.

Joy’s vocals are simultaneously commanding and soft, with a unique intimacy that layers nicely over the powerful production. The transcendent themes and subterranean imagery are paired with ebbing synths that swell to an epic crescendo.

The track marks the first songwriting effort between Joy and guitarist Asher Kurtz. The song’s development remained in stasis for quite some time until the pair was satisfied with the lyrical imagery to match the vivid title. As the product of the team’s first writing collaboration, “Sewing Skylines to Shores” proves that the band's full potential is only starting to be discovered. 

Iris Lune is hard at work on their second EP following 2015’s self-titled debut. They will be performing next at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY on Aug. 4. Check out the full track, available everywhere today (July 28), below.