Why Christopher Nolan Didn't Want to 'Oversell' Harry Styles' Role in 'Dunkirk'

Harry Styles in Dunkirk
Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry Styles in Dunkirk

It’s only a matter of days until Harry Styles hits the silver screen with his acting debut in Dunkirk on Friday. According to director Christopher Nolan, though, fans of the singer shouldn't get too excited to see him on the big screen.

According to a new Entertainment Weekly interview with Nolan, Styles might not be getting as much screen time as one would have hoped for. That being said, he does have a “small but pivotal role” and is crucial to the wartime film.

When asked why such a high-profile pop star was cast in the film but wasn't heavily promoted, Nolan explained, “We’re not trying to oversell Harry in the movie for the specific reason that it’s an ensemble. We don’t want people who are huge fans of his being disappointed that he’s not in it enough or whatever.”

Though he said he didn't want to disappoint fans of the One Direction member, he spoke to the importance of his part, which may make up for his limited appearance. “I think what he does is extremely subtle because it’s very real," Nolan said. "It’s not cartoonish. [His performance] almost risks being missed because of what it’s actually doing.”