Ryan Gosling Makes Harry Styles' Heart Race in BBC Radio 1's 'Heart Monitor Challenge'

Courtesy of BBC Radio 1
Harry Styles during an interview with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1.

Styles also talked about making his film debut in 'Dunkirk' during his latest Breakfast Show interview.

Leave it to Harry Styles to make hearts skip a beat because of his own heart rate.

On Monday (July 17) Styles stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw to talk about his upcoming film Dunkirk and to play the “Heart Monitor Challenge.” In the game, Grimshaw attached a heart rate monitor to the "Sign of the Times" singer and showed him a series of pictures to see which would elicit the greatest change in his heart rate. 

While Styles' biggest heart jump resulted from a chelsea boot (a Styles fashion staple), a shirtless picture of Ryan Gosling from The Notebook was a close second, with Styles' heart rate reaching 80 beats per minute. As Styles gushed over how the movie still was from a good scene, Grimshaw called him out for his heart rate rising at such a rapid pace -- which Styles quickly denied with a sheepish "no it's not!"

Despite his brief embarrassment, Styles spoke to Grimmy about his love for rom-coms, saying he's seen The Notebook around 30 times and watched Pretty Woman four times just the other week. "I’m too on edge, so I like watching things where I know what happens at the end,” he said.

Although Styles' WWII epic Dunkirk -- which hits theaters Friday (July 21) -- is nothing like a rom-com, he had nothing but good things to say about his experience with the intense period piece. The singer said he was thrilled to get on board with the Christopher Nolan-directed film early on and explained that rather than dressing in his typical rock n’ roll style, to secure the part, he “purposely went [into the audition] in a beanie hat and jumper,' adding with a chuckle, "I should maybe try to blank canvas this down a little." 

Styles also detailed what it was like working on set, having to remember lines, and how he teared up at the London premiere seeing everything come together.

Watch Styles' "Heart Monitor Challenge" and listen to the full interview here.