JAYLIEN is One 'Lucky Guy' in New Video: Premiere

Khristian Garay

St. Louis-based singer-songwriter and producer JAYLIEN delivers the moody visual for his recent single, "Lucky Guy," premiering today (July 18) on Billboard.

In the video, JAYLIEN watches as his woman of interest canoodles with her boyfriend, cast as up-and-coming singer Ye Ali. To his dismay, he has to witness her going back to her significant other after encounters with him. After being startled about possibly seeing him in her house, JAYLIEN's mistress does the unthinkable and ends the video on a surprising note.

"Seldom is there a song about a male falling for a women who is in a relationship," JAYLIEN says while talking about the inspiration behind the song. "I also knew I wasn't the only one who's been through that and figured people from both sides could relate." He dives further into the conceptualization of the video noting, "The idea was a collaborative effort between the director, Josh Sikkema and my team. Videos are meant to tell a story or carry a visual conversation so we came up with a few things to try and pull that off.”

He also discussed the reasoning behind including Ali in the video: “Ye Ali is a guy who's music I really enjoy. I respect what he's doing and we've become real cool. We actually met in a Uber Pool randomly and found out we were both artists; we've been cool ever since. When I called him to come do the video, he was all for it. It's always good when you can collaborate with your friends in the industry, it keeps the relationships strong & the fans engaged."

Prior to stepping out in the spotlight, JAYLIEN started his career as a songwriter and producer working with the likes of Akon -- for whom he wrote the smash hit "Beautiful" -- Chris Brown, Cheryl Cole, Cody Simpson, LL Cool J, T.I., Quincy Jones and will.i.am. Most recently JAYLIEN released his debut album, Summer's Over, featuring cuts like "Hotel Costes" and "We Fcuk." Next up is JAYLIEN's impending EP.