Listen to R.LUM.R's Explosive R&B Jam 'Close Enough': Exclusive

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Nolan Knight

Emerging singer/songwriter R.LUM.R’s sound is simply too grandeur to confine to one genre. If his sound could be placed in four walls, it feels as if he could tear them down with a single bombastic beat.

Known for his single “Frustrated” and unconventional sound that fuses a childhood influenced by his mother’s taste in R&B and his own palette versed in just about every genre, R.LUM.R is set to break out with the forthcoming release of his EP AFTERIMAGE out Aug. 11 via PRMD. In anticipation of the release, on Thursday (July 13) the singer shares his latest track from the collection, “Close Enough.” 

With its pop pleasure beat, killer electronic drop of a chorus, and passionate vocals, the new song feels like it could almost be three different songs in the most seamless, wonderful way possible, embodying his expansive sound. "Close Enough" follows R.LUM.R's inner battle of being enamored with someone who might not be right for him.

“Sometimes we want something to work so badly that we're willing to go looking for any one ray of light that'll hopefully dispel the overwhelming shadows in a relationship. You get to the point where you try to focus so much on that light, that it blinds you, and you disregard all the darkness around you that's doing the same. It’s about someone realizing that denial, and is trying their best to work through that cognitive dissonance, between what they feel and what they think needs to happen,” said R.LUM.R of the song. “I’m hoping to highlight that mental state on ‘Close Enough,’ so that you don’t ever have to put yourself through it.”

Listen to “Close Enough” below and pre-order R.LUM.R’s EP AFTERIMAGE here.