RITUAL 'Better By Now' in Latest Single for 'No Escape' Video Series: Exclusive

Phil Smithies

The English quartet RITUAL are tying the strings from their "No Escape Out of Time" project with the third video installment and latest single "Better By Now," available exclusively to Billboard below.

The London-based band -- comprised of Adam Gross, Tommy Baxter, Gerard O'Connell and vocalist Mononoke -- have already made their mark as songwriting partners for the likes of Dua Lipa most recently, but their latest endeavor has the group establishing a reputation all their own.

With the minimalist instrumentation, male-female vocal pairing and deeply personal but accessible lyrics, the group has crafted a piece that successfully tackles a delicate subject in a way that feels honest and fresh.

"With the lyrics, we are just us saying that everyone recovers and deals with things in their own time and way," the band tells Billboard. "People often tell you how you are 'supposed to feel' etc. but [we] don't get that. Who cares what you think really?"

The gorgeously dour music video is the third part of the ongoing "No Escape Out of Time" series that began in February with "Drown the Lovers" and was followed by "Wouldn't Be Love" in May.

"Better By Now” provides some clarity on the series' overall narrative, and it's easily the most emotionally taxing of the three.

Director Jackson Ducasse bathes the video in dulled colors and greys to capture the idea of being stuck in an inescapable, lonely place in one's mind. The final presentation matches the song's fits and starts, where the protagonist is waiting impatiently for resolution to come while continuing their cycle of self-destruction. It's an affective visual piece that pairs beautifully with the somber subject.

Details on the future implications of "No Escape Out of Time" are being kept under wraps, as is typical for the mysterious and elusive British band. With the knockout video for "Better By Now," the anticipation only builds.

Check out the video for "Better By Now" here: