New Kids on the Block Share Fan Tribute Video 'Thankful': Watch

New Kids on the Block in the video for "Thankful"
Courtesy of Vevo

New Kids on the Block in the video for "Thankful."

New Kids on the Block have been one of the biggest pop acts since their late 80s debut and are still going strong in 2017. They're on a massive tour with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul this summer and they're well aware that such career longevity is all thanks to their die-hard fans.

On Friday (June 23), the classic boy band released a music video for "Thankful," the title track of their recent Thankful EP. The video features behind-the-scenes shots of the group on tour, showing visuals of them on the bus, reuniting with their children, and triumphantly performing  in sold-out arenas.

The band said the song with the emotional chorus, "Because of you, I am thankful," is a tribute to their fans and a show of gratitude for all that they have done for them. In the video, as the track builds, it features shots of a number of fans honoring them and their entire fan community, thanking them for the success of NKOTB.

Watch the video below:

Thankful by New Kids On The Block on VEVO.