Liam Payne Eats Gross Stuff with a Smile on 'Tonight Show' Secret Ingredient Challenge: Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, Vanessa Hudgens, and Liam Payne during "Secret Ingredient" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on June 21, 2017.

Fritos-infused New York cheesecake? Sure.

They say if you eat too much spicy food the taste buds in your mouth get so dull that nothing really has flavor anymore. After watching Liam Payne play "Secret Ingredient" on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (June 21) it's safe to assume that the "Strip That Down" singer has possibly stripped his tongue of sensitivity after too many late night street curries.

Seated at a long table with fellow guests Ashton Kutcher, Vanessa Hudgens and host Jimmy Fallon, Payne endured a series of disgusting dishes served up by celebrity chef Mario Batali, never once going for the spit bucket even as his fellow supertasters grabbed theirs repeatedly during the three-course game show challenge.

The monstrous meal began with Shanghai soup dumplings spiked with every college dude's favorite bittersweet shot, J├Ągermeister, which Payne couldn't place, though he did come close with his misspelled guess of "licqurish." And, even as his fellow panelists ran for the buckets while eating a slice of pizza dusted with marshmallow fluff, Payne seemed like he was totally fine with the gross concoction. "We have a different concept of what's going on here," Payne said.

Watch the hard-to-swallow segment: