Haley Reinhart Covers the Shirelles' Classic 'Baby It's You': Watch the Video

The singer will release an album featuring covers of '60s classics.

With the past year’s increase in protest politics, the contemporary times can’t help but feel resonant of the youth quake of the ‘60s. Noticing these parallels, singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart embraced the culture of the era and let it fuse into her upcoming project.

On Sept. 22, Reinhart is set to release her upcoming album What’s That Sound? via Concord Records. The record is a collection of 11 covers of iconic songs from the ‘60s and features three original tracks. 

Today (June 16) she's sharing the music video for her first single off her forthcoming album, a rock n' roll-style cover of the Shirelles’ sweet classic “Baby It’s You." In the video, Reinhart gives a dynamic performance of the track as she sings around a lush Beverly Hills-like mansion dressed like a decadent diva of the era. Reinhart’s powerhouse, Janis Joplin-like vocals carry the video and take the viewer back to another time. 

Reinhart says, “I’ve always been heavily influenced by '60s music and the entire era. I grew up listening to my folks and their band perform most of these tunes including the first single, 'Baby It's You.' I've drawn inspiration from them, as well as the Shirelles, the Beatles, and a group called Smith. It's beyond neat to say I have my mom singing harmonies and my dad playing guitar on this one, among many others on the album. My friends and I also joined forces to make this music video. I brought my own wardrobe and props too! It was a very natural setting for me to do my thing for this performance piece.”

“These songs have played a huge role throughout my childhood and career. They've left their imprint and moved me deeply -- both then and now. There is so much relevance when we look at today's life events and back to the turbulent times of the late '60s. I believe there is a heightened awareness coming back around and it's important we unite as people and bring the love back home!” 

Watch the video below and preorder What’s That Sound? here.