Witness the Weirdest Moments From Katy Perry's Live Stream (So Far)

Katy Perry
Olivia Bee

Katy Perry

The pop star is letting fans into her world for 72 hours straight.

Katy Perry’s album Witness arrived Friday (June 9), and in the vein of the album’s voyeuristic title, the “Bon Appetit” singer is spending the weekend in a house fashioned with cameras for a Big Brother-style live stream on YouTube to celebrate her new release.

From the time she wakes up and every moment in between, Perry is letting the entire world witness her most intimate moments in real time on the Witness World Wide live stream. And because 72 hours in the world of Katy Perry simply can’t be normal, the stream has featured a number of interesting, hilarious and off-the-wall moments.

Below, find some of the weirdest moments that have happened (so far) on the Witness World Wide live stream:

Watching Katy Perry Sleep

Because the live stream began Thursday evening prior to the drop of Witness, a great deal of it showed footage of Katy sleeping in a very Truman Show-esque manner. As she slept soundly, thousands watched and commented things like, "Is this legal?" and "Does she realize she's being filmed?"

An Artist Built Her Domino Artwork Overnight

While Katy was asleep, dreaming about her new album, an artist was busy working overnight in another room of the house to surprise the pop star with a domino display when she awoke. On Friday morning, Katy was excited to see the artwork in honor of her new album but expressed concern that 18-year-old domino artist Lily Hevesh was working for nine hours with few breaks and no sleep. Nevertheless, Perry was excited to knock down her intricately engineered display.

Katy Perry Dancing to Her New Record

Since the live stream was in honor of Witness, Katy insisted that her team play the record while they made her breakfast. For the next hour, it was a bit surreal to see the artist sing and dance to her own music, which she insisted she doesn't typically do. As Katy listened to her latest tracks, she was frequently seen presenting her dog Nugget to the camera, drumming with her silverware and reminding the audience on multiple occasions that she had yet to brush her teeth for the day.

A 20-Minute Meditation Session

The “Swish Swish” singer invited her transcendental meditation teacher onto the stream to lead a meditation session between her and two advocates of the practice for veterans, and for upward of 20 minutes, thousands of fans watched Katy meditate in complete silence.

Katy Perry Does Yoga

Following her meditation session, fans watched Katy Perry and guest Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family do yoga. The two worked on a variety of breathing techniques and did a number of poses and found Katy stretching her back and hips as she said she felt like a sexy kitten "moving her hips like Shakira."

More weird moments are expected to come this weekend, as we can expect a game of "Extreme Would You Rather" with Joanne the Scammer, plus a number of other guests, candid moments and several more nights of Katy sleeping. Watch the Witness World Wide live stream here.