Katy Perry 'Really Proud' of Her 'American Idol' Paycheck

Katy Perry is all about equality. The singer, who is making the rounds to promote her upcoming album Witness, dropped by New York's KTU radio on Tuesday (May 23) to talk to Cubby & Carolina co-host Carolina Bermudez to talk about the speculation about how big a paycheck she's pulling down for her upcoming gig as a judge on ABC's reboot of American Idol.

And while Perry wouldn't talk hard numbers, she's very excited about putting some balance into the pay equation. "I’m really proud that as a woman I got paid," she said. "You know why? I got paid, pretty much, more than any guy that’s been on that show. By the way, I love men. So I’m  a paid woman and I’m ready for a beautiful man." 

Bottom line, she's looking forward to joining the legendary show that has given the world such talents as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. "I really wanted to join this show at the right time. I always have. We've always been in negotations for several years—it's never been right, but now when they kind of like brought it to a new home…it's perfect," she said, promising to not be "judgy," but give constructive criticism. 

"The reality is I am polite, but firm and I am super realistic," Perry said, finding a way to work a plug in for her upcoming album. "This show is about finding real talent, making peoples' dreams come true and additionally hearing their stories... I want to see you. I want to hear you. I want to witness you."

Watch the interview below: