Tokyo-Based Band End of the World Releases First Single in America 'One More Night': Premiere

End of the World "One More Night"
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End of the World "One More Night" 

They’ve long been big in their native Japan, where they sold out the 72,000-seat Nissan Stadium in Yokohoma two nights in a row and have topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 four times, with their singles “RPG,” “Snow Magic Fantasy,” “The Flame and Forest Carnival” and “SOS.”

Now, the quartet known as End of the World in the United States is looking to chart in America, with an English-language single, “One More Night.” The video for the song world premieres today exclusively on Billboard.

The four members -- Fukase, Nakajin, Saori and DJ Love -- first got together in Tokyo in 2005. They made their initial foray into the U.S. market last summer, with shows at the Roxy in Los Angeles and the Bowery Ballroom in New York. They returned to L.A. to record and film the video to “One More Night,” which features a cameo from DNCE.

Known as Sekai No Owari in their homeland, the four members of End of the World talked to Billboard about their adventures in America.

Why did you want to release an English-language single in America?

FUKASE: We wanted to deliver music to the world, so it was inevitable that we would write authentic songs in English that would interpret our music properly. Using the universal language can help us achieve that goal.

Was “One More Night” written in Japanese and translated into English, or was it written in English?

SAORI: There was only English all the way through. We came up with the core concept and discussed it with the producer, putting in lyrics, and then we added our thoughts and ideas on top.

Since you wrote it in English, will you do a Japanese version for Japan?

NAKAJIN: We’ve learned over the past few years, during our writing process in English, that the Japanese and English languages run differently on the melody. It is very difficult to have the same melody in different languages. That’s the main reason we differentiate Japanese songs and English songs.

Is there an English-language album coming? If so, when? How much of it is recorded already?

DJ LOVE: We are constantly working on new music with the idea of making an album in English. When will it be released? We’d love to know the answer to that question! 

Where was “One More Night” recorded?

FUKASE: We recorded “One More Night” in Los Angeles, in the studio of our producer CJ Baran [Panic at the Disco!, One OK Rock, Pentatonix, Carly Rae Jepsen]. We tried out many different arrangements in his studio -- it was a lot of fun working with him.

Who came up with the concept for the video of “One More Night”?

DJ LOVE: It was the director’s idea. He was inspired by the song and he sent us an initial treatment. The video is a parody of the movie American Beauty, and the plastic bag [the “most beautiful thing ever filmed” by a character in the movie] goes out in search of Mrs. Plastic Bag.

How did DNCE get involved with the video?

SAORI: We recently had the opportunity to get to know each other. We’ve hung out over dinner and drinks in Japan, as well as America. We also saw their show in Japan. We were trying to schedule a day to get together in Los Angeles and the day they were available turned out to be the day we were filming our video. So we asked them to come by the location and they did.

You’ve visited Los Angeles a few times now, for your live show, for recording and for your video. What do you think of L.A. and do you enjoy spending time in Southern California?

NAKAJIN: We absolutely love Los Angeles. We’re getting used to the town more and more and we even want to move there. The time flows slowly with beautiful blue sky and the gorgeous ocean. Personally, I love how many places there are where I can enjoy bouldering.

What are your plans to promote the single in America?

NAKAJIN: It’s not official yet but we will be rolling out great remixes. I can’t wait to share them with everybody.

What are your other plans for 2017?

FUKASE: We will release a new single in Japan, and then we hope to come back to the U.S. after that. We’d love to visit different countries to make more memories we can share together.

Watch "One More Night" below.