Watch Alaska, Raja & Jiggly's Commercial for Lil' Poundcake Talking Doll: Exclusive

Like a fiercer version of Chucky, Lil' Poundcake is an evil little doll who was spawned during a mini-challenge on season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. After Alaska Thunderfuck won RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 2, she brought her creation back to life on the studio album Poundcake and in the music video "Puppet," which found Lil' Poundcake robbing a bank and sticking her middle finger up whenever possible.

Now, the untamable, sinister beauty pageant princess can be yours -- in doll form. Alaska is selling talking Lil' Poundcake dolls for 50 clams; they come with pose-able middle fingers, a removable skirt (scandalous), a mini-tiara, and a pre-stained pink boa. If you're not sold, check out this Kawaii commercial for the talking Poundcake doll exclusively on Billboard.

Starring Alaska, Raja and Jiggly Caliente, the commercial finds the Drag Race stars copping the iconic Japanese style of cuteness and demonstrating some of the phrases the lil' devil says (“You’re not my real dad and you never will be," “My name’s Lil’ Poundcake and I’m a straight-up mother---ing d--k pig") if you squeeze her.

You can check out the dolls at Alaska's website and relive the magic of the "Puppet" video below.