Madison Beer Confronts a Game-Playing Ex in New Single 'Dead': Video Premiere

Madison Beer
Brian Ziff

Madison Beer

"You say you can't live without me, so why aren't you dead yet?"

It's a question that both girls and guys would love to ask when an ex plays with their heart or screws them over, and it's now the theme to Madison Beer's latest single, "Dead." The indie pop songstress will be releasing the edgy tune on Friday (May 19), but Billboard has the premiere of the song's lyric video a day early.

Beer's sassy breakup tune sounds like a mix of Ariana Grande and JoJo, with impressive, breathy vocals laid over a danceable beat. And with lyrics as straightforward as "I gave whatever you want/ but you just take it and run," the song is sure to strike a chord with just about anyone who hears it.

"I had so much fun making 'Dead' because it feels like such a fun and cool record, but it also has depth. It’s about a situation myself and so many others find themselves in when you feel ignored and not loved in a relationship, yet you’re still hearing empty words like 'I can’t live without you,' and it tears you up inside," Beer tells Billboard of the song. "So I wanted to make the anthem for staying strong though this moment and not taking any sh--! I really hope all my fans love this record, or think it’s cool, or funny, or sad, or it helps them, or not."

Listen to "Dead" below.