Cher's 10 Best Trump Tweets

Cher photographed in 2015
Bobby Bank/GC Images

Cher photographed on May 6, 2015 in New York City.  

Cher, an advocate for the LGBTQ community and women’s rights, has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, voicing her dislike of his political views early on in his candidacy. From the start of his campaign throughout his presidency, she has used Twitter as a platform to roast Trump. 

Never a fan of the current president, the political liberal supported Hillary Clinton during her campaign and even spoke out at a Democratic rally, voicing her opinion on Trump: “I just think he’s a f---ing idiot.” 

Scrolling through her early tweets in 2015 when Trump first announced his run for president, her Twitter feed is filled with critical comments and rants about the businessman. 

Her active political commentary comes as no surprise -- as a pioneer of female autonomy during a male-driven era, Cher paved a way in a sexist industry with her music.

In celebration of the Goddess of Pop being the latest cover star for Billboard, we rounded up the 10 best Trump tweets from Cher -- usually in all caps and filled with hilarious emojis.

The pop singer claims she'd rather “chew glass” than support him. 

She also goes to great lengths to taunt the president and his ego. 

Don’t forget the time she shared a photoshopped picture of Trump and Vladimir Putin in bed together. 

Or when she called him a “thug."

Her personal favorite tweets include trolling Trump.

The fiery performer caused a riot when she poked fun of him by making a limerick out of his recent actions.

Cher throws two punches by questioning his motives and calling him a toilet. 

The "Believe" singer couldn't help but retweet this:

Always the one for the backhanded compliment with Trump...

And no hesitation to call him out.