Watch The Chain Gang of 1974's New Docu-Video for 'Wallflowers': Exclusive Premiere

The Chain Gang of 1974 FELT
Courtesy of Grandstand Media

The Chain Gang of 1974, FELT 

Synth-pop artist The Chain Gang of 1974 released a new docu-video Wednesday (May 17) exclusively on Billboard for “Wallflowers,” which features the love story of a girl whose family left Iran for America when she developed cancer and a boy who grew up in the suburbs of Orange County.

Their romance started when they found themselves in the same AP biology class and has persevered through her recent kidney failure and dialysis.

“Wallflowers” plays throughout the video, which features shots of the two jumping on a trampoline, giving piggyback rides on the beach and kissing at the top of a Ferris wheel.

Courtesy of Grandstand Media
The Chain Gang of 1974, FELT 

"I didn’t want to present 'Wallflowers' in the typical music video fashion,” said Kamtin Mohager, who has been performing as The Chain Gang of 1974 since 2010. “I wrote this song knowing that it was bigger than me; a story needed to be told, with the song serving solely as its soundtrack. This represents love. This represents care. This represents all of us."

Mohager launched The Chain Gang of 1974 after playing bass on tour with 3OH!3 for three years and will release FELT, his third LP under the moniker, on June 23.

Watch the new video below: