Harry Styles on Whether 'Two Ghosts' Is About Taylor Swift: 'It's Pretty Self-Explanatory'

Harry Styles arriving at BBC Broadcasting House in London ahead of an appearance on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.
Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

Harry Styles arriving at BBC Broadcasting House in London ahead of an appearance on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

In celebration of Harry Styles' release of his debut solo album Friday (May 12), he stopped by BBC Radio 1 for an interview with Nick Grimshaw. Considering it was an interview between two good friends, naturally, there was plenty of hilarity -- but also, plenty of dirt dished.

Grimshaw essentially went through Styles' album track by track, getting some inside scoop on the meanings behind the songs. After starting off with "Carolina," the radio host couldn't help but asking about the song that has everyone buzzing.

Titled "Two Ghosts," the breakup ballad that begins with the line "Same lips red, same eyes blue/ Same white shirt, couple more tattoos" had fans thinking it was Styles' song about his most famous ex, Taylor Swift. And judging by Styles' response, his fans may have been on to something.

"I think it's pretty self-explanatory, right?" Styles said with a sheepish grin. When Grimshaw pushed a little further for an answer, all Styles could do was call for his manager, Jeffrey Azoff. "Help me, Jeffrey!"

Although Styles did elaborate a little more, it still really gave no confirmation. Then again, he didn't deny that Swift is the song's subject. "I think it's about, sometimes things change, and you can do all the same things, and sometimes it's just different, you know?"

Another track Styles explained was "Woman," which begins with a rather odd voice-over track that says, "Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?" But to Styles, that was just part of his songwriting routine in Jamaica. "We would write, and then we'd have dinner, and then we'd watch countless amounts of romantic comedies, mindless movies. Anything that Nicholas Sparks has ever done... Always circle back to The Notebook."

Amid the track explanations, Grimshaw also addressed recent news stories that Styles had unsuccessfully stage-dived at an album release party in New York City -- something Styles had been eager to try, but may never attempt again.

"Doesn't feel as cool as you think it does," Styles explained. "It didn't fail, is what I'll say. What I'd say is, I'd never done one before in my life, it felt like the time. There was not that many people there -- it was a small little radio show, and I went for it. I was encouraged, I got the thumbs-up from the powers that be, and I went for it. I was up for a second, and then kind of sinkholed down in the middle."

Toward the end of their chat, Grimshaw mentioned that Liam Payne would be in Styles' exact spot the following week, as Payne's first solo single is set to drop May 19. How does Styles feel about having another One Direction member to compete with in the solo artist world?

"I think it's going to be great," he said. "Liam's always done stuff with production and I think it's going to be fun."

Watch Styles' full BBC Radio 1 interview below: