Liam Payne Officially Announces First Solo Single, 'Strip That Down,' Featuring Quavo

The previously teased track will be released May 19.

The final One Direction member to go solo is finally ready to launch his own career. Liam Payne officially announced his first single is coming May 19.

In a quick 40-second Facebook Live video, Payne revealed the release date and title of his new track, "Strip That Down." The video features a similar-sounding clip to the one the 23-year-old singer had teased just 24 hours before his big announcement, with a thumping beat and Payne's catchy little "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" hook.

Prior to Payne's teasing, Migos' Quavo hinted in a recent radio interview that he had just finished filming a video with the 1D singer. Upon his announcement, Payne revealed that his first single is in fact the Quavo collaboration, and you can even hear the Migos rapper sing, "Move that down girl/ Love when you hit the ground girl" in the teaser clip.

Watch Payne's reveal video below, and prepare yourself for May 19.