New Sia Song 'To Be Human' Set For Wonder Woman Soundtrack

Mary Ellen Matthews

A new Sia song will be on the Wonder Woman soundtrack. “To Be Human” features Labrinth, and it’s included alongside the film’s original score written by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Hacksaw RidgeThe Legend Of TarzanThe CrownOver the Hedge). The film is due out June 2 — check out the tracklist below via Film Music Reporter.

1. “Amazons Of Themyscira”
2. “History Lesson”
3. “Angel On The Wing”
4. “Ludendorff, Enough!”
5. “Pain, Loss & Love”
6. “No Man’s Land”
7. “Fausta”
8. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”
9. “The God Of War”
10. “We Are All To Blame”
11. “Hell Hath No Fury”
12. “Lightning Strikes”
13. “Trafalgar Celebration”
14. “Action Reaction”
15. Sia – “To Be Human” (Feat. Labrinth)

This article originally appeared on  Stereogum.