'Harry Styles: Behind the Album' Documentary Coming to Apple Music May 15

Three days after Harry Styles fans hear his highly anticipated debut solo album, they'll get a deeper look into how the album all came together. Apple Music has all the behind-the-scenes footage Stylers could want in a documentary titled Harry Styles: Behind the Album, premiering May 15.

In addition to clips from Styles recording in the studio, the film will also feature an exclusive interview with Styles himself as well as live footage of Harry's band performing his album songs for the first time together at Abbey Road. A trailer for the doc shows Styles singing, scuba diving, and yes, even getting his famous locks chopped -- oh, and according to a press release, fans will also get to see Mr. Styles in his underwear.

"I kinda wanted to see if I could write something people liked without knowing everything about me," Styles says of the album in the trailer. "Anytime you’re doing anything different, it’s a bit scary."

Check out the 30-second teaser of Harry Styles: Behind the Album, which will be available only on Apple Music May 15.