Harry Styles Isn't the First Musician to Take Flight in a Video

Harry Styles "Sign of the Times"
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Harry Styles "Sign of the Times"

Harry Styles is way, way above the earth in the gravity-defying video for his first solo single, "Sign of the Times." The singer floats more than 1,500 feet in the air in the sweeping clip, in which he appears to be the only man left on the planet. The shoot's stunt coordinator says that no CGI, green screens or special effects were used in the shoot, meaning Styles was likely suspended by wires for footage that must have given the insurance folks nightmares.

And though Harry is certainly the first 1D member to take to the skies for his solo debut, Harry isn't the only pop star who left his feet for a video. Here are six others who defied gravity for their art, even if most of them didn't sign the same waivers Harry had to:

OK GO, "Upside Down & Inside Out"

Sure, Harry didn't use any special effects to take off, but neither did video auteurs OK GO. The group known for their high-concept vids did the same thing astronauts do when it came time for this 2016 mind-bender, in which they boarded an infamous "vomit comet" and experienced zero gravity for their art.

Michael and Janet Jackson, "Scream"

The most expensive video ever made at the time ($7 million) for the duet between the late pop icon and his star sibling mostly found them dancing furiously on an elaborate space ship set that was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. For a brief moment, though, MJ does appear to spin and enter zero gravity.

Smashing Pumpkins, "Disarm"

Of course Billy Corgan and the gang were not literally hovering over the magical city in the clip for their 1993 Siamese Dream hit. But the effect sure was trippy.

Björk, "It's Oh So Quiet"

It should surprise no one that Icelandic fairy queen Björk found a way to rise above in this legendary 1995 Spike Jonze joint in which a mundane trip to the tire store turns into a full-on movie musical that builds to a shot of the singer blissfully floating high up above the action.

Janet Jackson, "Runaway"

Janet wasn't content to fly around with her big brother, breaking out in this high-concept 1995 Marcus Nispel video in which she literally appears to take flying leaps from Egypt to India, China, Africa, Brazil, Paris, Australia and Japan before returning to her New York apartment.

Seal, "Fly Like an Eagle"

Never let it be said that Seal Henry isn't a literal dude. In the low-budge clip for his contribution to the 1996 Space Jam soundtrack, the singer employs some pretty basic green screen effects to make it seem like he's up in the clouds as he covers the Steve Miller Band classic.


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