Chainsmokers Collaborator Emily Warren Unveils Debut Single, 'Hurt By You': Listen

Blythe Thomas
Emily Warren

The singer-songwriter calls the track 'an ode to my influences.'

You know the smooth, almost entrancing voice featured late on The Chainsmokers' track "Paris"? In case you didn't know, that's the voice of Emily Warren, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter who has actually worked with The Chainsmokers several times on other tracks like Memories...Do Not Open's "Don't Say" and "My Type" -- and in fact, also helped write their smash "Don't Let Me Down."

But Friday, May 5 isn't about another Chainsmokers/Emily Warren collaboration. After all of the success she's had behind the scenes and featured on others' songs, Warren finally released her first single as a lead today.

Titled "Hurt By You," the piano-backed track is a tale of a girl who loves a guy so much that she's willing to go through pain if it means she gets to be with him. "In that moment in-between I love and f--kin' hate you/ I'm not sure, not sure/ But that isn't stopping me/ So come sweep me off my feet," Warren sings.

Although her voice is now familiar to Chainsmokers fans, Warren is aware that the production of her single sounds a bit different -- but she's excited about showing what she can do without the dance duo's assistance.

"Finding the right production for this was a really fun process. There's an inherent Motown feel with the vocal stacks on the 'hurt by you' line, and the rest of the song comes across as almost genre-less or at least fluid, which is something we were keen to maintain; I wanted the song to be a reflection of all the different styles of music that influenced me," Warren tells Billboard. "So we used heavily organic instrumentation, sonics that will ideally stand the test of time, with small contemporary elements -- such as the vocal chops. Together, it hopefully comes across as an ode to my influences but with my own personal twist."

Take a listen to Warren's first single below and see what you think of her solo skills.