FRND Releases Animated 'Be Happy' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy Photo
A scene from the video for "Be Happy" by FRND.

Rising music producer and musician FRND is debuting a new music video for “Be Happy” -- a song debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist -- exclusively on Billboard. The video, which was created by Sarah Hampton and Benjamin Van Den Broeck features the animated koala bear character representing the singer’s mysterious identity as it goes through obstacles.

FRND, known for creating music that connects with people, reflects that sentiment in the video using animation to connect with real issues people face in their own life and relationships.

“The video for ‘Be Happy’ centers around the emotional journey after a relationship,” explains FRND. “I wanted to make something that felt real and related to the stages you go through when realizing what is truly important in your life. Though the koala embodies the emotion and lyrics of the song, look out for the sloth.”

The breakthough of the song erupts once the koala bear finds true happiness and radiates that feeling that centers around its own emotions. The catchy melody and meaningful lyrics are an added bonus to the track that resonate well with the message. 

Watch FRND's "Be Happy" video below: