Jennifer Lopez Dishes About Relationship With A-Rod on 'Ellen,' But Doesn't 'Need' Harry Styles: Watch

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Jennifer Lopez on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 24, 2017.

As the world continues to feed off the dating life of Jennifer Lopez, the superstar is giving the public what they want. The Shades of Blue actress stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' talk show to discuss her budding romance with retired World Series champ, Alex Rodriguez. 

The singer was in high spirits as she told the comedian that she wasn't "under the weather," unlike her "last two appearances" on the show. Valuing some well deserved rest time from executive-producing and starring in new shows  -- her talent competition World of Dance comes May 30 on NBC --  Lopez laughed along when DeGeneres brought up her busy schedule affecting "why [she] couldn't keep a steady boyfriend." The host inquired about Harry Styles reaching out after Lopez selected him in a game of "Would You Rather," to which the singer commented, "I didn't need him then" -- earning herself a loud round of applause from the crowd.

DeGeneres found her moment to segue to J. Lo's romance with A-Rod, who the host addressed as Lopez's "boyfriend". The singer revealed that the couple met at a restaurant during lunch, where she approached him first with a shoulder tap and said, "Hi Alex." The sports figure responded "Hi Jennifer," prompting the two to hang out in L.A.

Asked if the two "had a sleepover" after their first date, Lopez wagged her finger and clarified "Mama don't sleep over on the first date!" Check out the interview below.