Justin Bieber Reflects on His 2014 DUI: 'Thank God I'm Not Where I Used to Be'

Justin Bieber arrives at The 58th Grammy Awards

Justin Bieber arrives at The 58th Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Feb. 15, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Oh how three years has changed Justin Bieber.

In 2014, the then 19-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, which resulted in perhaps one of the most infamous mug shots in pop culture history. Exactly three years and three months after that rather image-tainting night, Bieber took to Instagram Sunday (April 23) to let the world know that he's done a lot of growing up since his DUI.

Posting a side-by-side picture of his mug shot and a current selfie, Bieber wrote, "I LOVE THIS because it reminds me IM NOT EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE BUT THANK GOD IM NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!! THE BEST IS YET TO COME DO YOU BELIEVE IT?"

Bieber has avoided legal trouble in recent months, and the pop star's Purpose Tour earnings are approaching $200 million. With an international trek and his first-ever stadium dates still to come, it's fair to say that Bieber's "best is yet to come" statement might not be too far off.

Take a look at Bieber's reflective post below.