Anne Hathaway & Jimmy Fallon Destroy Weeknd, P!nk Songs Using Google Translate

Anne Hathaway isn't afraid to sing a little tune. But the Les Miserables and Colossal star had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to play a game of "Google Translate Songs" with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. The premise was simple enough: take some hits and put them through the sometimes unreliable app.

Hathaway went first, trying her hand at that smash song by The Weeknd, "My Front is Not Felt" (aka "Can't Feel My Face"). With the Roots providing the track, Hathaway sang the following nonsense chorus: "In your presence my front is not felt/ Hey it is good, hey it is good, yes." 

Things did not get any clearer when Fallon took on the Google-ized version of Gloria Gaynor's disco staple "I Will Survive" (or, "I Will Be Punctual"). Who can forget the classic lyrics: "Not good for me, I will be punctual/ Unless I know with love's knowledge I'm aware that I'm aware/ I live all my life was yes/ All my love given yes." 

The pair finished off the set with a duet on the Nate Ruess/P!nk hit "Only Tell Me Grounds," otherwise known as "Just Give Me a Reason." Spoiler alert: there's a felon who steals a center and there is "full pleasing" involved. Check it out: