Britney Spears Fan Pranks Southwest Airlines, Receives the Perfect Response

Courtesy Photo
Britney Spears in the video for "Toxic."

One Southwest Airlines customer service rep had the best response when a Britney Spears fan attempted to prank the company. 

A Britney Army member who goes by Juan on Twitter shared the episode on the social media site, showing a back and forth with Southwest customer support representative named Linnea where he complained of a rude flight attendant. The punchline of his prank came when he revealed the alleged flight attendant's name and shared a picture, revealing it was Britney Spears from her "Toxic" video. 

Linnea's response: "Opps, she did it again."

Juan was dumbfounded, all he could do is reply, "I CAN'T BREATHE." 

Check it out here and revisit Spears' "Toxic" video below.