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Check Out 14 Craziest Fan Reactions to Harry Styles' 'Sign of the Times'

Harry Styles released his first solo single, “Sign of the Times” today (April 7), and already the fans can't get enough of the One Direction heartthrob, who had everyone buzzing about all over social media. 

After the gigantic news of the singers’ solo career taking off, the anticipation increased even further when Styles promoted a special teaser of the track on March 25, and soon after revealed the cover art of the single on March 31. Fans were prepared for the big release but was not expecting such a dramatic change of direction from the 1D star.

However, Styles did not disappoint, debuting a powerful, rousing ballad with a falsetto refrain that fans have been obsessing over all day. Once fans got wind of the premiere of “Sign of the Times” you could say they were a bit excited. 

Many fans thanked the One Direction singer in their own heartfelt way.  



While some 1D supporters opted to describe their emotions through memes. 






 One groupie compared him to a popular vegetable. 

 A few followers went to drastic measures to express their love for Harry. 



 And one fan's reaction hit it spot on.