Harry Styles Reveals If 'Sign of the Times' Is a Sign of What's to Come With His Solo Album

Harry Styles kicked off his solo venture on Friday (April 7), releasing his first single "Sign of the Times." The powerful, rock-influenced anthem is a bit of a departure from the poppier jams he made with One Direction -- but will the whole album be that far off from his 1D days? Let him tell you. 

"I think 'Sign of the Times,' in terms of honesty, is a good representation of the album," Styles told Carson Daly on CBS's AMP Radio the morning of the single's release. "I don’t know if they all sound exactly like it, I think there’s a lot of different little bits on there. But in terms of liking it, I do, which is handy."

As Styles said, he's very happy with his debut track -- in fact, he said in a previous interview that "Sign of the Times" is the song he's most proud of writing. The sound of the single seems to draw influence from the likes of Pink Floyd and David Bowie, and Styles suggested that that's exactly where he got his inspiration.

"I wanted to write something honest and something that I wanted to listen to. I think it’s impossible to not be influenced by stuff you grow up listening to — stuff my parents played and stuff that I still listen to now," he said. "We just kind of started writing and wanted to see what came out. We’re pretty happy with it."

Although Styles didn't say anything about the other material he has coming up, host Carson Daly hinted that there's another new single on the way in late April, early May. Styles is set to perform on the April 15 episode of Saturday Night Live -- during which he will be performing another new track, sources tell Billboard -- so it certainly won't be long until we get to hear more of what Styles has in store.

Listen to Styles' full AMP Radio interview below.