Harry Styles' Best Vocal Moments in One Direction

Considering One Direction was formed after all five members tried out as individual singers on The X Factor, there was obviously some serious talent in each member of the group. But when speculation began over which member would go solo first, most pointed at Styles.

This could be because of his Mick Jagger-esque looks and heartthrob charm, but what it most likely came down to was the fact that Styles has one impressive voice. He and Zayn Malik shared the dominant parts of about 95% of One Direction's discography, and after Malik left the group in March 2015, Styles took the reins -- making for an awful lot of powerful (and swoon-worthy) Harry solos throughout the group's five albums.

While One Direction's material served as a pretty great showcase for what Styles is capable of vocally, he's finally going to show the world what he's been longing to do as a solo artist since stepping on the X Factor stage seven years ago. His much-anticipated first single, "Sign of the Times," drops April 7.

In light of his solo career launch, Billboard looked back on all the times Styles proved that he is going to be one hell of a solo artist. Check out Styles' most stand-out vocal moments (in no particular order) below.

"Best Song Ever"

2:33 -- "We danced, we danced... it goes something like this" 

"Little Things"

1:35 -- "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape / You never want to know how much you weigh / You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me" 

"Steal My Girl"

2:41 -- "She knows, she knows / That I've never let her down before / She knows, she knows / That I'm never gonna let another take her love from me now"

"Story of My Life"

1:03 -- Chorus

"End of the Day"

2:30 -- "All I know at the end of the day" belts, until the end of the song

"Midnight Memories"

2:13 -- "I know nothing’s making sense / For tonight let's just pretend / I don't wanna stop, so give me more" (and that "ow"!)

"Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

2:09 -- "Tell me now, tell me now / Tell me where you go when you feel afraid / Tell me now, tell me now / Tell me will you ever love me again, love me again?" and end of the chorus, "Or are you giving it to someone else?"

"Drag Me Down"

2:38 to the end, “Nobody can drag me down”


0:40 -- Chorus


0:36 -- Chorus, "Baby be with me so happily" (0:51)


0:13-0:43 -- First verse, 0:57-1:28 -- first chorus

"Better Than Words"

0:11-0:23 -- First verse

"Still the One"

2:40 -- “You’re still the one”

"Night Changes"

2:54 to the end


0:30 -- Chorus


3:23 -- “All I ever wanted was the truth, yeah yeah” and "infinity" repeats

"Through the Dark" 

3:08 -- “Oh I would, oh I would” and “When the night is coming down” (3:26)

"Fools Gold"

0:46 -- Chorus


1:53-2:17 -- "When you go and I'm alone / You live in my imagination / The summertime and butterflies / All belong to your creation / I love you, that's all I do / I love you"

"If I Could Fly"

0:05-0:25 -- first verse, 0:37 -- first chorus, 2:52 -- falsetto on "I'm missing half of me"

BONUS: Covering Zayn's part in "Ready to Run" in concert

1:17 -- "This time I'm ready to run / I'd give everything that I got for your love"

Further proof he can do anything.