Austin Mahone's 5 Best Songs

Austin Mahone visits the Young Hollywood Studio on Feb. 10, 2016 in Los Angeles.
Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

Austin Mahone visits the Young Hollywood Studio on Feb. 10, 2016 in Los Angeles.

As the singer turns 21 on April 4, Billboard picks his best songs to celebrate with.

Austin Mahone hasn't even officially released an album yet in the nearly five years he's been in the public eye, but that's not to say he hasn't put out some certified bangers. The now 21-year-old -- he reached the drinking age Tuesday (April 4) -- has crafted plenty of earworms since stepping onto the music scene in 2012.

While Mahone has taken a bit of an R&B turn with current projects, mixtapes This Is Not the Album and For Me+You, he started out making poppier tracks, resulting in a collection of songs that prove Mahone is skilled in more than just one genre.

So what are the best songs Mahone has delivered thus far? Surely Mahomies around the world have differing opinions, and there's no better time to discuss this than on his birthday. Here's Billboard's picks for the top five:

"Brand New"

The This Is Not the Album tune is the perfect infusion of Mahone's pop and R&B skills. Some of his more hip-hop-esque tracks don't quite sound like the pop heartthrob Mahone fans fell in love with from the start, so hearing his smooth voice over an R&B-tinged, bouncy beat is refreshing.

"What About Love"

Perhaps the Mahone track with the most intense production, the pounding beat and robotic sounds of "What About Love" will make anyone want to bang their head along with it. Plus, there's an *NSYNC reference ("Please help me remember/ The reason that you said 'bye bye bye,'" he sings) -- what's not to love about "What About Love"?

"Wait Around"

Amid his more bass-heavy tracks and collaborations with the likes of Juicy J, Pitbull and 2 Chainz on his most recent mixtape For Me + You, Mahone stripped things down for this 100 percent acoustic tune. And instead of singing about falling for a girl or lusting over one, Mahone shows his more serious side in the lyrics of "Wait Around," confronting a girl to make up her mind about where their relationship stands -- how mature of him!

Bonus: If you enjoy this track, Mahone's "Shadow" is just as swoon-worthy and almost makes us question why he's not making more solely acoustic tracks.

"Say Somethin"

When Mahone first caught the attention of teenage girls everywhere, he was initially dubbed the next Justin Bieber. If there's one song in his catalog that sounds the most Bieber-like (at least the early Bieber days), "Say Somethin" is definitely it. Between a bopping beat and super innocent lyrics -- not to mention his adorable pre-puberty vocals -- this is one heck of a hook-'em track for a debut. 

"MMM Yeah"

Who knew that such a simple phrase could make for such a catchy hook? Upon first listen, some may say that Mahone's first collaboration with Pitbull is a bit repetitive, as the chorus is literally nothing but the titular phrase. But whether you like it or not, the second listen likely finds anyone humming along to those MMMs, soon realizing that the melody is irresistible. Throw in Mr. Worldwide, and it's hard to not shake your hips to this one.