Everything Bebe Rexha Needs on the Road for Her First Headlining Tour

Bebe Rexha performs during  the All Your Fault Tour at Underground Arts on March 26, 2017 in Philadelphia.
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Bebe Rexha performs during  the All Your Fault Tour at Underground Arts on March 26, 2017 in Philadelphia.

Plus her top five pump-up songs, tour stops & more.

Brooklyn native Bebe Rexha is home for a sold-out show at Irving Plaza on Wednesday night (March 29). The All Your Fault tour is the pop singer's first headlining run, going through North America and Europe through May 18.

The tour is promoting the release of her All Your Fault: Pt. 1 EP last month. “I Got You,” the lead single from the EP, has peaked at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 17 on the Pop Songs chart so far.

Billboard talked to her just before soundcheck to catch up and learn her tour top fives. How it works: We gave her five categories and she had to give us her top five answers for that category.

Top 5 Things to Bring With You on Tour

1. Most important, my cell phone. I need to FaceTime my mom -- she’s babysitting my puppy, Bear, and I need to see my puppy on FaceTime. I also have to call my dad, otherwise he gets mad.

2. My laptop, because all my warm-ups are on there. If I don’t warm up every day, my voice will be shot. I work with this guy Eric Vetro, who coaches Ariana GrandeKaty Perry, Meghan Trainor… He’s amazing and he keeps my voice strong.

3. Chocolate. I have to have a piece of chocolate every night before I go to bed. It’s a very weird thing that I do. I literally have to have a piece of chocolate every single day of my life. I go back and forth between milk and dark -- when I’m feeling healthier, I’ll eat dark -- but I like orangey-flavored chocolate too.

4. My brother. He should probably be higher on the list. I always have to bring my brother, or at least a friend, on the road with me to keep me sane and to sort of have a personal life.

5. Melissa [Hernandez], who does my hair and makeup. If I didn’t have her on the road with me, I would look like a mess every day. She literally makes me look normal every day. Without her, I would not look normal -- I would look scary. I always tell fans when I’m onstage that I do not wake up like this.”

Top 5 Songs to Get You Amped Up for a Show

1. “Lookin’ Ass” by Nicki Minaj. Done.

2. “16 Shots” by Stefflon Don. She’s this new girl from the U.K. that I love. I think her stuff is so dope, and it’s gonna blow up.

3. “Mask Off” by Future

4. “Passionfruit” by Drake

5. “Swalla” by Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign. I actually really like this song.

Wait... No Rihanna? Beyonce?

I only listen to hard stuff before a show. I love the girls, but that’s for a different mood. When I get ready, it needs to be really harsh and angry stuff. Like “IDFWU” by Big Sean vibes. I don’t know why, but it’s what I need to get amped up. It’s the same stuff I listen to when I’m at the gym, when I’m in my "hustler" mentality. Rihanna and Beyoncé make me feel sexy, but I need to be doing jumping jacks and getting ready to go. I feel like being onstage is like you’re about to get into a boxing match, you have to be really amped up.

Top 5 Favorite Cities You’ve Played So Far on This Tour

1. Minneapolis

2. San Francisco. G-Eazy came out at this show, and it was just such a good energy and a really special moment.

3. Boston. We played The Royale, and we were the first people to ever turn on the fire alarm in the venue. They had to evacuate the whole place and escorted something like 1,000 people out of there, which wasn’t easy. I had to tweet and Snapchat my fans to get everyone to come back in.

4. Philadelphia

5. It’s hard because we haven’t done New York yet, but I’m sure New York is going to be one of my favorite shows.


Still in awe of last night. Sold that Bitch out. Thank you so much San Francisco! Love love loveeeee you.

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Top 5 Things You Do on the Tour Bus to Pass the Time


2. EAT.

3. We play that Ellen DeGeneres game, Heads Up. We just played it yesterday, actually.

4. Listen to music reeeeeally loud, because we have an awesome speaker system set up in my bedroom.

5. Make music. I just record voice memos and write lyrics down when they come to me.

Finally… Top 5 Things Your Fans Should Know About this Tour

1. It’s honest.

2. It’s real.

3. It’s unapologetic.

4. It’s not PG.

5. It’s a safe haven for people who feel like they haven’t belonged anywhere else in the world. I feel like this is a place where everyone can come together -- gay, straight, black, white -- and we’re all one. We don’t judge, and the music just brings us all together.

Bonus: I love my fans! I just want them to know that.


Thank you Austin!!!! -- #AllYourFaultTour

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