Sheppard Have Their Heads in the Clouds in 'Keep Me Crazy' Video: Exclusive Premiere

School Boy Records/Republic Records

The "Geronimo" rockers are back.

Australian pop band Sheppard are back with a dreamy new video for their new single “Keep Me Crazy,” premiering exclusively on Billboard.

The Brisbane-based group propelled into the spotlight in 2014 with their catchy, sing-along tune “Geronimo” and recently joined Justin Bieber for the Australian branch of the Purpose World Tour.

“Keep Me Crazy,” with its upbeat, toe-tapping mood, is already a major hit in Australia, debuting at No. 1 on the independent sales charts.

With lyrics like, “Darling lately, I’ve been walking blind in the dark never see the sun/ You could save me, give a little heat to the heart that was born to run,” it is no surprise that frontman George Sheppard explained the song is about forming an emotional bond with someone special.

“We’re in a day and age where more and more people are swiping right on Tinder, but fewer and fewer people are having real, lasting connections. I think people are afraid to commit to relationships because they feel their lives will become boring or monotonous if they stick with one person, but 'Keep Me Crazy' is about finding that one person who has the complete opposite effect and keeps you youthful, enthusiastic and passionate.”

The clip itself embodies the giddy, head-in-the-clouds feeling of falling in love, with the band literally playing in the clouds -- equipped with bicycles, row boats, a swing and even a giraffe. It's an otherworldly experience that Sheppard said is the overarching theme for their upcoming album.

“We decided towards the end of last year that the aesthetic of the entire album was going to be based around dreamlike/surrealist imagery, and we all feel that the world needs more dreamers, so we wanted this first video clip to reflect that in a big way and kick everyone's imaginations into overdrive.”

Sheppard’s second full-length album is set to release later this year. Check out the video for “Keep Me Crazy” below: