Niall Horan Celebrates St. Patrick's Day By Joking About His Irishness on Twitter

Timothy Hiatt/WireImage
Niall Horan performs at Allstate Arena on Dec. 14, 2016 in Chicago.

Niall Horan is certainly proud of his Irish roots, and every St. Patrick's Day he loves giving a shout-out to his country. This year's Irish holiday was no different -- that is, other than how he began his celebration.

"Literally googled St. Patricks day to see what was going on around the world for it," Horan tweeted after sharing a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" message filled with beer emojis.

What came of that Google search? Some Irish hilarity for Horan and fans alike.

"First thing that's pops up is a picture of me," he said. "Hahahaha, people literally must believe in leprechauns when they look at me."

Considering Horan is a 5' 8", blonde-haired (well, now brown-haired), blue-eyed singer, he doesn't exactly scream "leprechaun" himself. But he's clearly done enough to become one of the most renowned Irishmen out there.

Check out Horan's series of St. Patrick's Day tweets below.