'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Go All In on Final Night of Blind Auditions

Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton on "The Voice."
Trae Patton/NBC

Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton on The Voice.

Alicia Keys was incredibly patient about finding her last artist, and it paid off.

The Voice’s season 12 coaches Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton all completed their teams during the final night of Blind Auditions tonight.

The first artist of the night was Vanessa Ferguson, who has been performing since she was 3-years-old and is classically trained in jazz but favors RnB and hip-hop. For her audition, she sang “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers. It was one of the best auditions of the entire season, and Ferguson has already established herself as someone to watch. Keys and Stefani turned first, but they were soon joined by Shelton. “I’d love the chance to work with you,” Shelton said even though he wasn’t the obvious choice. He praised the huge note she hit at the climax of her audition. Ferguson bonded with Keys over being from New York. “From the moment the song started, I was in,” Stefani said, praising her confidence. Keys said she wanted to discover more about who Ferguson is as an artist. Ferguson joined Team Alicia, which will be a great fit for her.

Dawson Coyle was the next artist to audition, and he shared the story of losing his home and everything he owned in a devastating house fire. “Life is precious, and you need to take advantage of every single drop of it,” he said. He sang “Happiness” by Needtobreathe. He clearly sang with passion, but it wasn’t the most vocally interesting performance. Toward the end, Shelton turned around, so Coyle joined Team Blake by default. And with that, Shelton’s season 12 team was full.

Jozy Bernadette was up next. She sang “American Woman” by The Guess Who, and it was a fun and impressive rock performance. For a second, it looked like she wasn’t going to get any turns, but then Levine turned, and Stefani joined him at the last possible second. Levine praised her power but also conceded that Stefani would probably win this round as the season’s female rocker. “Gwen, I pick you no doubt,” Bernadette said. Team Gwen was officially full.

With only two more spots left in the season, the pressure was on Keys and Levine. Keys kept reiterating that she was looking for a very specific voice. Small-town man and homebrewing expert Stephen Borris was up next. He sang “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, putting his own twist on the classic. He did not turn any chairs. 

“I’m still looking for a bluesy, emotional artist,” Keys said.

Next, bar singer and versatile artist Sheena Brook sang “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. Brook noted that she sings all different genres but is particularly drawn to country. At this point though, Team Blake was full. That didn’t matter though, because Levine turned right away. Brook joined Team Adam by default, giving Levine a strong country artist to anchor his team, which is something he is always searching for so he can go up against his rival Shelton. “His dream is to beat me with a country artist,” Shelton noted. Team Adam was finally full.

But Keys was still looking for her magical last team member. After an onslaught of different artists who didn’t fit what she was looking for, it became clear that Keys was after something extremely specific. Hoping to fit the bill, Chris Blue of Knoxville was the last artist of season 12 to audition. He gave a smooth and soulful performance of “The Tracks Of My Tears,” and it indeed was exactly what Keys was looking for. Blue sang with emotion and vocal complexity, and Keys was ecstatic to welcome him as the final member of her team. Stefani admitted that if she still had any spots open, she would have turned, too. Keys was thrilled about Blue and brought out his whole family to congratulate them. At last, all four season 12 teams were set. Now, the competition truly begins.

John Legend, DJ Khaled, Luke Bryan and Celine Dion join The Voice next week as mentors for the heated Battle Round. If you missed any of the Blind Auditions, you can catch up tomorrow night when The Voice highlights the best moments from this round in a special recap episode.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter