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Ed Sheeran Collaborates With KuruptFM, Visits Liberia for Comic Relief Charity: Watch

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Ed Sheeran With KuruptFM

Ed Sheeran may be currently topping the Billboard 200, but that doesn't really matter to the guys of KuruptFM.

The crew from the West London radio show (and stars of the People Just Do Nothing mockumentary) teamed up with Sheeran for a Red Nose Day bit for U.K. charity Comic Relief, and despite the British singer-songwriter's insane success with his new album Divide, they weren't too enthused to be in his presence.

In the preview clip of their collaboration, KuruptFM member Chabuddy G had told his buddies that they were about to work with one of the biggest urban artists in the world. So when the rest of the crew realized he was talking about the flannel-clad, ginger-haired Sheeran, they seemed to feel a little misled.

"He's ginger, that's the whitest you could get," one of the guys says. "End of the spectrum."

"I'm still a minority?" Sheeran suggests, with Chabuddy adding, "Ginger lives matter."

Before getting defensive, Sheerios, note that this skit was simply just a comedy sketch that will be part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day on March 24. Sheeran definitely plays the punch line in the video, but he takes it in stride and plays along perfectly.

Plus, according to Chabuddy, Sheeran is in love with him.

On a more serious note, Sheeran also visited a village in Liberia as part of his 2017 Red Nose Day contribution. In a tear-jerking video, Sheeran sings and chats with kids who had been impacted by the West Africa Ebola breakout in 2014.

"I watch Comic Relief every single year and this is always what celebrities do," Sheeran tells the camera after choking back tears. "I've always thought, 'Is it really that bad?' And then I sort of turn up and, yes it is."

All of Sheeran's Comic Relief content will be shared on March 24, which marks the U.K.'s Red Nose Day this year.