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5 Things We Hope to See From Lorde's 'Saturday Night Live' Appearance

Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Lorde performs on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 14, 2015.

Lorde is set to perform on Saturday Night Live tonight (March 11), and her loyal army of fans can't wait to see what she brings to the SNL stage -- especially since she hasn't delivered a televised performance since the 2016 Brits (which was a David Bowie tribute, not her own material).

After releasing two new songs in the last week, SNL is the perfect opportunity for Lorde to perform her new material. But what will she end up singing? And will we see her in a skit? We can only hope.

Ahead of Lorde's highly anticipated SNL performance, take a look at the things we're hoping to see from her.

The live debut of "Green Light" (and/or "Liability")

SNL musical guests always perform two songs, and Lorde just so happens to have two new songs out. Coincidence? We'd like to think not.

Plus, "Green Light" is an upbeat anthem while "Liability" is a beautiful ballad, which would allow Lorde to show both a fun and a vulnerable side during her appearance. Yeah... this should definitely happen.

Another new song

If Lorde isn't going to sing the two songs she's already released, we'd love to get a glimpse of what else she has in store with her upcoming sophomore album Melodrama -- especially since we still have to wait three months before the LP drops (it's due June 16). 

Jack Antonoff playing piano

Some fans who've watched Lorde's "Green Light" music video might not have caught that the guy playing the piano in the background was in fact Mr. Antonoff himself. He and Lorde worked on Melodrama together for 18 months, so it'd only feel right to have the New York-based musician appear onstage with her. Or, at the very least, be in attendance to watch some of the songs they wrote come to life. 


An Alessia Cara impression

This may seem out of left field, but it's actually quite a valid desire. Cara absolutely nailed an impression of Lorde while playing "Wheel of Impressions" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and this seems like the perfect opportunity for Lorde to try her hand at imitating the "Scars to Your Beautiful" singer. Ariana Grande did impressions in an SNL skit, so let's see Lorde do the same!

(If you haven't seen Cara singing Lorde, please indulge at 3:47)

A car for her to dance upon 

Lorde has quite the dance party on top of an SUV in the "Green Light" video, which would be a pretty cool thing to re-enact on the SNL stage. She's always been one for dramatic performances, so for her first televised performance of the year, why not go big?