Mariah Carey's 10 Most Underappreciated Songs of All Time

Hello and welcome to today’s Mariah Carey appreciation thread. I should start with a disclaimer: Casual fans may leave here obsessed or thirsty, and lambs quenched.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Mariah has delivered countless gems over her illustrious 27-plus years in music, all recorded at the tender age of "eternally 12," but we're here to celebrate the songs less celebrated. Of course, no one wants the challenge of picking a finite number of songs to pay tribute to. It’s frivolous. Even more futile would be to list these songs in order.

So let’s do both.

But before we choose Mariah Carey's 10 most underappreciated songs, some guidelines:

"Mimi Math": Like Mariah, I’ve spent untold hours perfecting the sequencing of this track list. Also, like Queen Mimi, I understand greatly the musical consequence of these songs. The formula for this list is scientific: Take the actual perceived musical value of the song and subtract the overall popularity, equaling total level of "underappreciation." Overall popularity can also be substituted for “Lamb Appreciation,” where appropriate.

Editor’s note: I challenged myself to withhold the quintessential go-to deep cuts: "Looking In," "Prisoner," Mariah favorite "Underneath the Stars," "Vanishing" (her single-greatest recorded vocal performance *of* *all* *time*). I wanted to try to surprise even some hard-core fans, all the while paying tribute to the gloriously bountiful sonic deliverance of the woman with more Billboard Hot 100 No. 1s than any other solo artist in history.

Here are Mariah’s 10 Most Underappreciated Songs, in descending order:

10. " Do You Think of Me”I do. I think of you all the time. Flawless '90s B-side of "Dreamlover." Fan favorite, but makes such an impression that it deserves further recognition.