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Charli XCX Premieres 3 Songs From New Mixtape 'Number 1 Angel': Listen

Olivia Malone
Charli XCX

Charli XCX surprised her Angels fans Tuesday (March 7) on Twitter with the announcement of her upcoming mixtape Number 1 Angel. The project is scheduled for release Friday.

Following the tweets, the "Boom Clap" pop star premiered three Number 1 Angel tracks during a special interview with BBC Radio 1's MistaJam. 

The first of the three was "Pull Up" featuring Danish synthopop act, . Keeping in line with both artists' signature sounds, "Pull Up" mixes post-No Doubt synth-pop with reggae fusion -- also taking a few cues from Charli XCX's sophomore LP Sucker and Major Lazer's MØ-featuring hit "Cold Water."

The second song she shared, "Dreamer" -- featuring 19-year-old British talent Raye and "Needed Me" songwriter Starrah -- is the opening track from Number 1 Angel. While introducing "one of [her] faves," Charli gushed about Starrah's "cool" factor and said receiving her verse via email "was like Christmas or something." Starrah's influence is definitely felt on the trap-pop cut, as all three artists flex about their fortunes from hustling.

The final song, "Lipgloss" -- featuring femcee CupcakKe -- borrows a page from Charli's last project, 2016's Vroom Vroom EP. With hints of electro-dream pop, the avant-garde track recalls the sound of Grimes and her critically acclaimed LP Art Angels.

Throughout the premiere event, MistaJam kept referring to Charli's newest project as "the hottest record in the world," an honor that he's never bestowed to a mixtape until now. Check out "Pull Up" below at 3:50, "Dreamer" at 9:19 and "Lipgloss" at 16:22.