Songs Ed Sheeran Wrote for Other People (That He Also Sang On)

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift attend The 58th Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Feb. 15, 2016 in Los Angeles.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift attend The 58th Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Feb. 15, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

Whether you’re one of the biggest Sheerios in the world or are only slightly familiar with Ed Sheeran's work, one thing you probably are well aware of is that he writes all of his own music -- and then some. Along with his own tunes, Sheeran has penned plenty of tracks for other artists, something that was highlighted more so after Justin Bieber gave the British singer-songwriter a shout-out for co-writing the chart-topping hit “Love Yourself.”

Although it may not be completely apparent upon the first few listens of “Love Yourself,” Sheeran actually provided some background vocals for the Purpose track. This isn’t the only co-write he’s also sung on, though -- in fact, most of Sheeran’s collaborations were songs he co-penned.

As Sheeran prepares to drop his latest LP, ÷ (or Divide), on Friday, we wanted to recognize some of the songs he has written and sang with other artists. From pop queen (and Sheeran BFF) Taylor Swift to more down-home musicians like rapper Devlin (a fellow Brit), take a look at Sheeran’s co-written collabs below.

“Love Yourself,” Justin Bieber

It may be the least apparent collaboration, but it’s certainly one of the catchiest. Oh, and let’s not forget about the one (and probably only) time he covered the track in full himself (start the video below at 4:30 to hear it).

“I Was Made for Loving You,” Tori Kelly

As Sheeran was promoting his first two ÷ singles in January, he admitted that this is the song that got away. (“I remember halfway through [writing] being like, 'Aghhh, God, I wish I was keeping this,'” he told a radio show.) Nevertheless, Sheeran still had a pretty major role in the track, which is featured on Tori Kelly’s 2016 LP Unbreakable Smile.

“Dark Times,” The Weeknd

The soft tone of The Weeknd’s voice pairs impeccably well with Sheeran’s similar tenor, but the “Starboy” singer’s slightly rebellious vibe provides a little more edge than Sheeran’s typical tunes and results in an bluesy, R&B-style track.

“Everything Has Changed,” Taylor Swift

After Swift had fully established that Sheeran was one of her closest friends in the music biz with a slew of bestie Instagram posts, the two finally teamed up for a fittingly sweet tune on her Red album. As if the track -- and the even more precious music video -- weren’t enough, Sheeran and Swift performed the song together when he supported her on her Red Tour.

"Lay It All On Me," Rudimental 

As the only new song Sheeran released in 2015 before taking a year-long hiatus, his collaboration with funky electronic group Rudimental almost sounds like a track of his own since he's the only singer on it -- much to the delight of Sheerios everywhere.

“Top Floor (Cabana),” Naughty Boy

Even though Naughty Boy is known for being a DJ, he decided to highlight Sheeran's softer, "Lego House" side for his collaboration with the singer-songwriter. Short and sweet, this song could easily fool anyone that it's a + bonus track.

“All About It,” Hoodie Allen

One of Sheeran’s few collaborations that allowed him to show off his rap skills, this Hoodie Allen collab is also one of his bounciest team-ups. But even though there’s really no denying that he’s spitting lines in “All About It” (especially because it’s a track with a fellow rapper), Sheeran makes sure to declare that he’s not a rapper, he’s “just a singer with a gameplan.”

“Hush Little Baby,” Wretch 32

When Sheeran isn't doing his own rapping, he seems to enjoy pairing up with rappers and adding his smooth vocals to the choruses. Wretch 32's "Hush Little Baby" is a prime example of that, as well as the remaining tracks on this list.

"Old School Love," Lupe Fiasco

Although Sheeran doesn’t have a rap part in Lupe Fiasco’s song, “Old School Love” proves that even when he’s not rapping himself, the ginger-haired singer proved that he makes for one hell of a collaborator, whether he’s laying down verses or crooning.

“Reuf,” Nekfeu

Taking his love for rapper collabs to a foreign level, Sheeran teamed up with the French rapper to create perhaps his most dance club-friendly track to date. While you can't understand a word Nekfeu is saying (well, unless you speak French), Sheeran sings in English -- and frankly, the groovy beat is really all you need.

“(All Along The) Watchtower,” Devlin

With Devlin also hailing from England, "(All Along The) Watchtower" is quite the British invasion in a guitar- and drum-heavy rock-meets-rap way.

“All Falls Down,” Alonestar

How did Sheeran get involved with Alonestar for this trippy electronica/hip-hop track, you ask? The hip-hop/trip-hop artist is actually his cousin, Jethro Sheeran, so of course he co-wrote it and sang on the tune -- and with the family ties, of course they sound great together.