Alicia Keys Knows How to Land Artists on 'The Voice' Second Night of Blind Auditions

Alicia Keys
Michael Muller/NBC

Alicia Keys

Team Blake picked up a non-country singer.

Night two of the Blind Auditions had season 12 coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys getting serious about their turn strategies. Keys said she’s looking to support young artists, while Stefani and Levine are both looking for singers with strong artistry from a range of genres. Shelton is looking to hold down the strong country sound that has led his team to the finals so often.

Figure skating coach Autumn Turner was the first artist to audition, singing “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, saying that The Voice might be her last chance to change her life by taking her passion for music to the next level. Levine turned first, impressed by her early runs. Stefani turned once Turner hit the upbeat chorus, followed by Keys and Shelton. “The grace, and the soul, and everything about you rarely comes around,” Levine told Turner. Stefani admitted that she doesn’t even have the same vocal abilities as Turner. Turner ended up joining Team Alicia, which was the right choice.

Professional musician Jesse Larson came to The Voice after a lull in his career. He sang “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon and played electric guitar, getting an early turn from Levine. He ended up being the only coach to turn, so Larson joined Team Adam by default.

Aliyah Moulden, a confident and talented 15-year-old artist, sang next. She admitted that she isn’t as seasoned as some of the other contestants, but she gave a great Blind Audition, singing an innovative and soulful rendition of “Hound Dog.” Shelton surprisingly was the first turn, but Keys and Stefani joined him by the end. They were all struck by how young she is. Stefani encouraged Moulden to try and figure out what kind of message she wants to send as an artist, adding that she wanted to be the one to help her get there. But Moulden surprised by choosing Shelton, even though everyone knows that non-country artists on Team Blake usually end up getting cut pretty early.

Another young artist, Savannah Leighton from Alabama, sang “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry. She had a bold chest voice, but the coaches took their time in contemplating what they were hearing. Shelton eventually turned, and Stefani joined at the last second. Leighton immediately started crying, so Stefani rushed the stage to give her a hug. Desperate for a young girl on her team, Stefani made a passionate plea. The girl power angle worked, and Leighton joined Team Gwen.

Nick Townsend followed with a theatrical performance of “Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith. He did not turn any chairs.

Lilli Passero sang a very impressive and original rendition of “A Love Of My Own” by Carla Thomas. Shelton, Stefani and Keys all turned, drawn to her vintage sound. “There is something so classic about her,” Shelton said. Keys played a trump card though by serenading Passero with a musical pitch. Stefani and Shelton knew they were doomed. It worked, and Passero joined Team Alicia. It was a spectacular end to the night.

Night three of the Blind Auditions will air on Thursday. Who was your favorite tonight?

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.