Watch James Corden Break Down the 'Cinematic Masterpiece' That is 'Britney Ever After'

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James Corden Is Obsessed with 'Britney Ever After'

We now know how The Late Late Show host James Corden spends his Saturday nights. Partying at clubs? Nope. Watching Lifetime. Specifically this weekend's unauthorized biopic and self-described "cinematic masterpiece" Britney Ever After, which, spoiler alert, he absolutely loved.

"It was an absolute masterclass," he said of the two-hour trip through Britney Spears' career highs and lows, heaping particular praise on Australian star Natasha Bassett. "She actually nailed the role. She nailed all of Britney's signature characteristics." 

He then, of course, played a bit of the scene early the film when faux Britney loses her mind over her first tour bus, which is packed with Furby dolls and cheese puffs. "It's like you're watching a documentary isn't it? In a world full of fake new I'm just happy to have some fake truth. And that truth, ladies and gentlemen is that Britney loves cheese puffs."

Corden also noted that the film was unable to use actual Britney songs, playing a montage of the covers ("Trouble") and completely made up Brit hits like "Alright, Alright." But the bit that really made Corden lose it -- aside from the incredible sound-alike quality of Nathan Keyes' eerie portrayal of Justin Timberlake, right down to his notorious catchphrase "bomb diggity" -- was the epic dance-off between one-time lovers Timberlake and Spears.

Watch Corden watching Britney Ever After: