Camila Cabello Co-Signs Fan's Love Ballad Called... 'Camila Cabello'

Camila Cabello
Ted Emmons

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has sung plenty of songs, but how many songs have been sung about her?

The 19-year-old former Fifth Harmony singer now has a love ballad dedicated to her, more or less, and it's painfully awkward but also kind of cute. 

Thanks to some fans on Twitter, on Monday Cabello found a video on YouTube for a song titled after her by Evan Blum that's been online since October. In the video, Blum professes his love for his girlfriend by comparing her to Cabello over and over and over again, and it doesn't really go so well. 

"The world is a girl group/ and your my favorite member," he professes in the reggae song. "Like Camila Cabello/ You brighten my day-O/ I’m losing the words to say-O." 

After watching the video, Cabello responded to Blum saying she didn't get why his girlfriend was upset, "I think your song is dope."


Likewise, Blum is pretty excited that this song found its way to Cabello -- something he would have never thought would happen. This is pretty much the coolest thing that's happened to me," he said in an email.

Watch Blum's "Camila Cabello" video here: