Elle King Covered the 'Golden Girls' Theme Song & All of Her Fangirl Dreams Came True

Elle King performs the Golden Girls theme song
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Elle King performs the Golden Girls theme song.

The singer took to Instagram to share her 'Golden Girls' tribute, as well as a confession about being 'high AF' at the Grammys.

If you weren't aware that Elle King is a massive Golden Girls fan, the secret is now out. The singer covered the beloved TV show's iconic theme song "Thank You For Being A Friend," and she couldn't help freaking out about it.

As if getting to sing the The Golden Girls theme wasn't already a big enough deal for the "Ex's & Oh's" singer, she also transformed herself into a Golden Girl for a day -- and may have been even more excited about that.

"Honestly, a lot of things have been checked off my bucket list. But being a golden girl for a day felt like how it would feel if Ryan Gosling let me kiss him on the mouth," she captioned a video on her Instagram.

King's involvement with The Golden Girls is in collaboration with Hulu as a celebration of all seven seasons of the iconic sitcom becoming available on the streaming service. Although she was a toddler when the show was still on air, King, 27, said she used to watch the show with her grandma and always hoped to one day be just like Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia.

"Such a big part of my childhood is me watching Golden Girls with my grandmother. And so it's such an amazing memory for me and I always think of the show so fondly," she said in an interview. "I love that these women all seem to wake up in the middle of the night and eat cake or pie and none of them ever gain weight. That's all I aspire to do is, like eat cake with my friends in the middle of the night and chitchat."

Just before unveiling her Golden Girls project, King took to Instagram to admit that she wasn't completely with it at Sunday night's (Feb. 12) Grammy Awards. "Note to self, don't eat a bunch of pot muffins before the Grammys red carpet.#AccidentallyHighAF," she captioned a shot of herself on the red carpet. She also poked fun at the fact that she looked like a Snapchat filter and may not have given the best interviews that night.

Listen to King's version of "Thank You For Being A Friend" and see her #StonedAtTheGrammys post below.