Lady Gaga Releases Eye-Popping, Action-Packed New Video for 'John Wayne'

Still riding the momentum from her successful 13-minute gig at halftime of Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga is capitalizing on the wave today with a new music video for country-tinged Joanne pop-rocker "John Wayne."

The Jonas Akerlund-directed visual sees Gaga in classic video form, starting with her playing the guitar in her pink Joanne uniform, before exploding in garish color and fast-paced action. The clips cuts between a variety of cartoonish set pieces that include Gaga riding on a horse, hanging out of a car (with her grungy love interest driving), and getting hit with a beer can by the side of the road.

It's kind of like "Telephone" -- also directed by Akerlund -- if it used the Grindhouse double-bill as its primary Tarantino influence instead of Natural Born Killers. The video is currently an Apple Music exclusive, and can be seen by subscribers here.