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Lady Gaga Talks About Sending Beyonce Flowers, Promises No Meat Dress at Super Bowl Halftime Press Conference

Lady Gaga took the podium live from Houston, Texas this afternoon (Feb. 2) to field questions about her upcoming gig at halftime of Super Bowl LI. Mother Monster mostly stayed mum about the particulars of her performance -- whether there would be any special guests making an appearance, or what dazzling aerial displays the mini-gig might entail -- explaining "I'm not gonna tell you what I'm gonna do... you're gonna have to wait [and see]."

One of those guest performers she was asked about was, of course, H-Town's own Beyonce, a former collaborator of Gaga's who's no stranger to the world's biggest stage herself. Stefani would neither confirm nor deny Bey's involvement in the upcoming show, but said that her fellow pop megastar was "very inspiring, and gives great advice," and revealed that she had sent flowers to her "Telephone" partner upon hearing her recent big news.

Gaga also fielded questions from Super Bowl XLII star Osi Umenyiora (who asked Gaga to help him out with the chorus lyrics to her "Paparazzi") and from a couple of James Corden's sisters (who tried to make her laugh with a joke: "How does Lady Gaga like her steak? Rare-ra-ra-ah-ahhh!!”). She also declined to reveal her prediction for the big game, offering instead to "write it down, and put it in my shoe... after the halftime show, I’ll give away my pick."

One part of her plans that Gaga did deem fit to unveil? "I will tell you that there’s not gonna be any Meat Dress there," she offered at press conference's end. "So don’t wait for that."

Find out more about Lady Gaga's performance for yourself this Sunday (Feb. 5), when she plays the intermisison of Falcons vs. Patriots at Super Bowl XLI.

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